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Over the years, our Association has identified many concerns regarding various issues pertaining to our industry. Here we will endeavor to address these concerns by providing answers to frequently asked questions.


Q. Does Redclaw crayfish farming use up a lot of precious water?
Q. Do Redclaw crayfish farmers use a lot of dangerous chemicals?
Q. Is Redclaw crayfish farming a source of noise and visual pollution?
Q. Does Redclaw crayfish farming impact on heritage areas, wetlands and the like?
Q. Does Redclaw crayfish farming cause competition for native animals?
Q. Is it true that there is an infestation of Redclaw crayfish in water impoundments throughout the state and that they have a detrimental effect on native fish stocks?


Q. We have heard the term “effluent water” used – does this mean water drained from a pond is a health risk?
Q. Does Redclaw crayfish farming use up a lot of precious water?
Q. Isn’t all that water a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially the disease carrying Aedes aegypti?
Q: Is disease an issue with Redclaw farming?


Q: Where do I get information on such things as, where and what size property to buy? How much water will I need? Do existing farmers support new industry entrants? What is the start up cost? Where do I source equipment?
Q: How can I get a copy of “Redclaw Farming – Getting Started”?
Q. What is involved in getting approvals and licenses for a redclaw farm?
Q. When I grow all these Redclaw crayfish, will I be able to sell them?
Q. What with, when and how much do you feed Redclaw crayfish crayfish?
Q. Does the industry have a centralized marketing organization?
Q. Do farmed Redclaw crayfish have a bland or muddy taste?
Q. There seems to be conflicting information available regarding farming Redclaw crayfish.
Q. Has any exploration into the feasibility of a large scale redclaw crayfish operation been undertaken?
Q. Is Redclaw crayfish farming a profitable business and where do I start?
Q. Are there any existing farms for sale?
Q. What have been recent advancements in the industry?
Q: How are redclaw research projects funded?
Q Where do I find out about the biology of redclaw crayfish?